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Collective Perception Simulation study supporting standardization efforts at the ETSI

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Completed theses

Trust and Reputation in Dynamic PlatoonsMaster ThesisKeno Garlichs, Martin Wegnerfinished
Selectively Relaying ITS-G5 Messages via Roadside Units at IntersectionsMaster ThesisKeno Garlichsfinished
Extending Parking Communities with RSUs as a Trusted MemberMaster ThesisKeno Garlichsfinished


WiSe 2019/20: Mobile Computing Lab (V2X-Lab)
SoSe 2019: Seminar Connected and Mobile Systems (Bachelor)
  • B4 Platoon-based Vehicular CPS
WiSe 2018/19: Seminar Connected and Mobile Systems: Robust Networked Systems (Master)
  • M1 Use-case and threat-vector analysis for V2X networks
Computernetze 2
Klausur: Computernetze 1
SoSe 2018: Seminar Connected and Mobile Systems: Critical Networked Systems (Master)
  • M4 Vehicular Networking: Communication Technologies
Computernetze 1
Klausur: Computernetze 2
WiSe 2017/18: Seminar Connected and Mobile Systems: Industry 4.0 & Cyber Physical Systems (Bachelor)
  • B3: Industry 4.0 - Roots, expectations and Challenges
Klausur: Computernetze 1
Computernetze 2
Recent Topics in Computer Networking (Lecture about WSN Hardware)
SoSe 2017: Seminar Connected and Mobile Systems: Internet Protocols (Master)
  • M6: What will 5G be?
Computernetze 1
Klausur: Computernetze 2


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