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Supervised Theses

Open theses:

Misbehavior Detection for PlatooningProject ThesisAlexander Willecke, Keno Garlichsopen

Running theses:

Development of a Multi-Channel Operation Concept for Collective PerceptionMaster ThesisKeno Garlichs, Alexander Willeckerunning
Redundancy Mitigation for the Collective Perception ServiceMaster ThesisKeno Garlichs, Alexander Willeckerunning
Parking Occupancy Monitoring using Collective PerceptionBachelor Thesis, Master ThesisAlexander Willecke, Keno Garlichsrunning
Network-specific Analysis of Maneuver CoordinationMaster ThesisAlexander Willecke, Keno Garlichsrunning

Finished theses:

Camera-based Tracking for Wireless Slot CarsProject ThesisKeno Garlichs, Alexander Willeckefinished
Vulnerable Road User protection using Collective PerceptionBachelor ThesisAlexander Willecke, Keno Garlichsfinished
Wireless Slot CarsProject ThesisAlexander Willecke, Keno Garlichsfinished


SoSe 2020:Seminar Connected and Mobile Systems (Master)
Praktikum: Computernetze Administration
WiSe 2019/20:Seminar Connected and Mobile Systems (Master)
Mobile Computing Lab (V2X-Lab)
Praktikum: Computernetze
SoSe 2019:Seminar Connected and Mobile Systems (Master)
Praktikum: Computernetze Administration


  • Keno Garlichs, Alexander Willecke, Andreas-Christian Hagau and Lars Wolf: FLaRA: A Simple Facilities Layer Resource Allocator, in IEEE Intelligent Vehicules Symposium (IV), Nagoya, Japan, 2021 (Garlichs:IV2021, DOI, BibTeX, accepted for publication)
  • Michael Wolf, Alexander Willecke, Johannes-Christian Müller, Keno Garlichs, Thomas Griebel, Lars Wolf, Michael Buchholz, Klaus Dietmayer, Rens W. van der Heijden and Frank Kargl : Securing CACC: Strategies for Mitigating Data Injection Attacks, in IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), Ulm, Germany, December 2020 (Willecke:VNC2020, DOI, BibTeX)
  • Keno Garlichs, Alexander Willecke, Andreas-Christian Hagau and Lars Wolf: OrbWeaver: Towards Comparable High-Load V2X Simulations, in Accepted at IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2020-Fall), Victoria, Canada, 2020 (Garlichs:VTC2020-Fall-W6, DOI, BibTeX)
  • Keno Garlichs, Alexander Willecke, Martin Wegner and Lars Wolf: TriP: Misbehavior Detection for Dynamic Platoons using Trust, in IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC), ITSC 2019, Auckland, New Zealand, October 2019 (Garlichs:2019:ITSC, DOI, BibTeX)
  • Wenbo Xu, Alexander Willecke, Martin Wegner, Lars Wolf and Rüdiger Kapitza: Autonomous Maneuver Coordination via Vehicular Communication, in 5th International Workshop on Safety and Security of Intelligent Vehicles (SSIV 2019), Portland, USA, 2019 (Xu:SSIV:2019, BibTeX)
  • Georg von Zengen, Alexander Willecke and Lars C. Wolf: Demo: Investigating Concurrent Transmission Using Software Defined Radios, in Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks, EWSN '18, Madrid, Spain, February 2018 (vonzengen:ewsn18, BibTeX)
  • Stephan Rottmann, Alexander Willecke, Jan Käberich, Georg von Zengen and Lars Wolf: miniDTN: A DTN Stack for 5EUR-WiFi-Nodes, in Proceedings of the 16th GI/ITG KuVS Fachgespräch Drahtlose Sensornetze, FGSN17, Hamburg, Germany, September 2017 (rottmann:FGSN17, BibTeX, Slides)

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