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Supervised Theses

Open theses:

Parking Occupancy Monitoring using Collective PerceptionBachelor Thesis, Master ThesisAlexander Willecke, Keno Garlichsopen

Running theses:

Development of a Multi-Channel Operation Concept for Collective PerceptionMaster ThesisKeno Garlichs, Alexander Willeckerunning
Redundancy Mitigation for the Collective Perception ServiceMaster ThesisKeno Garlichs, Alexander Willeckerunning

Finished theses:

Camera-based Tracking for Wireless Slot CarsProject ThesisKeno Garlichs, Alexander Willeckefinished
Vulnerable Road User protection using Collective PerceptionBachelor ThesisAlexander Willecke, Keno Garlichsfinished
Wireless Slot CarsProject ThesisAlexander Willecke, Keno Garlichsfinished


SoSe 2020:Seminar Connected and Mobile Systems (Master)
Praktikum: Computernetze Administration
WiSe 2019/20:Seminar Connected and Mobile Systems (Master)
Mobile Computing Lab (V2X-Lab)
Praktikum: Computernetze
SoSe 2019:Seminar Connected and Mobile Systems (Master)
Praktikum: Computernetze Administration


  • Michael Wolf, Alexander Willecke, Johannes-Christian Müller, Keno Garlichs, Thomas Griebel, Lars Wolf, Michael Buchholz, Klaus Dietmayer, Rens W. van der Heijden and Frank Kargl : Securing CACC: Strategies for Mitigating Data Injection Attacks, in 2020 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), Ulm, Germany, December 2020 (Willecke:VNC2020, BibTeX, accepted for publication)
  • Keno Garlichs, Alexander Willecke, Andreas-Christian Hagau and Lars Wolf: OrbWeaver: Towards Comparable High-Load V2X Simulations, in Accepted at IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2020-Fall) Workshop 6 - Network-assisted Collaborative Automated Driving, Victoria, Canada, 2020 (Garlichs:VTC2020-Fall-W6, DOI, BibTeX)
  • Keno Garlichs, Alexander Willecke, Martin Wegner and Lars Wolf: TriP: Misbehavior Detection for Dynamic Platoons using Trust, in IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC), ITSC 2019, Auckland, New Zealand, October 2019 (Garlichs:2019:ITSC, DOI, BibTeX)
  • Wenbo Xu, Alexander Willecke, Martin Wegner, Lars Wolf and Rüdiger Kapitza: Autonomous Maneuver Coordination via Vehicular Communication, in 5th International Workshop on Safety and Security of Intelligent Vehicles (SSIV 2019), Portland, USA, 2019 (Xu:SSIV:2019, BibTeX)
  • Georg von Zengen, Alexander Willecke and Lars C. Wolf: Demo: Investigating Concurrent Transmission Using Software Defined Radios, in Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks, EWSN '18, Madrid, Spain, February 2018 (vonzengen:ewsn18, BibTeX)
  • Stephan Rottmann, Alexander Willecke, Jan Käberich, Georg von Zengen and Lars Wolf: miniDTN: A DTN Stack for 5EUR-WiFi-Nodes, in Proceedings of the 16th GI/ITG KuVS Fachgespräch Drahtlose Sensornetze, FGSN17, Hamburg, Germany, September 2017 (rottmann:FGSN17, BibTeX, Slides)

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