| Carl Friedrich Gauß Faculty | Department of Computer Science

Main interests

  • Distributed Systems
  • Trusted execution
  • Fault- and Intrusion-Tolerant Middleware


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Current Projects

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New Publications

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Recent Professional Activities

SERIAL '18 (Program Co-Chair)
EuroSys '18 (Program Commitee)
Middleware '18 (Program Committee)
SRDS '18 (Program Committee)
DSN '18 (Program Commitee)
ICDCS '18 (Program Commitee)
Ada-Europe '18 (Program Commitee)
SysTEX '18 (Program Committee and Steering Committee)

SERIAL '17 (Program Co-Chair)
SysTEX '17 (Program Co-Chair)
Opodis '17 (Program Committee)
Middleware '17 (Program Committee)
DSN '17 (Program Committee)

SysTEX '16 (Program Co-Chair)
ARM '16 (Program Co-Chair)
Opodis '16 (Program Committee)
Middleware '16 (Program Committee)
ICDCS '16 (Program Committee)
DAIS '16 (Program Committee)

EuroSys '15 (Program Committee)
Opodis '15 (Program Committee)
Middleware '15 (Program Committee)
TRUST '15 (Program Committee) SRDS '15 (Program Committee)

Middleware '14 (Program Committee)
ACM ASIACCS '14 (Program Committee)
DCDV '14 (Program Committee)
CrossCloud '14 (Program Committee)
ETX 2014 - Eclipse Technology eXchange Workshop (Program Committee)
ACM SAC DADS '14 (Program Committee)

Fruehjahrstreffen der GI ITG-Fachgruppe Betriebssysteme 2013 (Organizer)
SOBRES '13 (Co-Organizer)
CloudDP '13 (Program Committee)
ACM SAC DADS '13 (Program Committee)
SDMCMM '12 (Program Committee)
DISCCO '12 (Program Committee)
SOBRES '12 (Co-Organizer)
HotCDP '12 (Program Committee)
CloudCP '12 (Program Committee)
DAIS '12 (Program Committee)
WRAITS '12 (Program Committee)
EWDCC '12 (Program Co-Chair)
GDM '12 (Program Committee)
EDCC '12 (Program Committee)
DAG Seminar 12281 Security and Dependability for Federated Cloud Platforms (Coordinator)

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