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Open Theses

The following thesis topics are currently offered.

SensorknotenentwicklungHiWi JobJan Schlichteropen
Pflege & Weiterentwicklung des RIOT BetriebssystemsHiWi JobRobert Hartungopen
MikroprozessorlaborHiWi JobRobert Hartung, Yannic Schröder, Sven Pullwittopen
Entwicklung einer Android App zur Bestimmung des Reifegrads von KartoffelpflanzenTeam Project ThesisJan Schlichteropen
Development and Evaluation of a 3D air flow sensorMaster Thesis, Project ThesisJan Schlichteropen
Byzantine Consensus with Bus Communication in RustMaster Thesis, Project ThesisSigne Rüschopen
Wireless Slot CarsProject Thesis, Team Project Thesis, HiWi JobAlexander Willecke, Keno Garlichsopen
Development of a fast distributed Key-Value StoreMaster ThesisInes Messadiopen
Agreement protocol with RDMAMaster ThesisInes Messadiopen
Misbehavior Detection vs. Redundancy Mitigation in Collective PerceptionMaster ThesisKeno Garlichs, Alexander Willeckeopen
Vulnerable Road User protection using Collective PerceptionMaster ThesisAlexander Willecke, Keno Garlichsopen
Edgy CPMs: Leveraging 5G and Edge Computing for Collective PerceptionMaster ThesisKeno Garlichs, Alexander Willeckeopen
Evaluation of Communication Protocols for Satellite SwarmsBachelor Thesis, Master ThesisDr. Ulf Kulau, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolfopen
Risk-oriented Task Scheduling for Wireless Sensor NodesBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisDr. Ulf Kulauopen
Data Analysis of Location TracesBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisSigne Rüschopen
A comprehensive life-cycle approach of Research softwareBachelor ThesisInes Messadiopen
Automated Partitioning for Rust ApplicationsBachelor ThesisManuel Niekeopen
Intermittent Computing: Time keeping, Time synchronization and CommunicationBachelor Thesis, Master ThesisRobert Hartungopen
Scalability of Chaincode Applications in the Hyperledger Fabric BlockchainBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisSigne Rüschopen
Implementation and evaluation of distributed and parallel WSN simulationsBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisSven Pullwitt, Robert Hartungopen

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