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  • Cloud-Computing
  • Trusted Computing
  • Trusted Execution Environments (ARM TrustZone, Intel SGX)


  • TCloudsTrustworthy Clouds - Privacy and Resilience for Internet-scale Critical Infrastructure
  • SERECASecure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications (SERECA)




Winter term 2017/2018Practical Course: Cloud Computing
Summer term 2017Cloud Computing (Excercises)
Softwareentwicklungspraktikum (SEP): Trusted I/O für Intel SGX Enklaven mittels Raspberry Pi
Winter term 2016/2017Seminar Distributed Systems
Practical course Cloud Computing
Summer term 2016Cloud Computing (Excercises)
Summer term 2015Cloud Computing (Excercises)
Seminar distributed systems: "Trusted Execution"
Summer term 2014Cloud Computing (Excercises)
Softwareentwicklungspraktikum (SEP): Energy-aware Cloud Computing
Seminar distributed systems: "Trusted Cloud Computing"
Winter term 2013/2014Practical course Cloud Computing
Summer term 2013Seminar distributed systems: "Cloud Computing"
Cloud Computing (Excercises)
Winter term 2012/2013Seminar distributed systems: "Betriebsunterstützung und Protokolle für einbruchs- und fehlertolerante Systeme"


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Design und Implementierung eines ZooKeeper Privacy ProxysBachelor ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Anwendungspartitionierung und vertrauenswürdige Ausführung auf Intel SGXBachelor ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Sichere Ausführung von Vert.X Mikro-ServicesBachelor ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Erweiterung von Apache ZooKeeper um eine adaptive Migrationsmöglichkeit auf Basis zeitgebundener ReferenzenMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
High availability for Openstack based IaaS cloudsMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Providing system support for multi-threaded SGX-based servicesMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Remote Attestation in a multi-tenant and TrustZone-protected cloudMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Design and implementation of trusted applications applying the ARM TrustZone hardware extensionsMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Cloud-scale Trusted Execution on the ARM Juno Development KitMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Vertrauenswürdige Ausführung von map und reduce in Hadoop MapReduceProject ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Verschlüsselte Datenspeicherung und Schlüsselwortsuche in Hadoop MapReduceProject ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Porting the TrApps Framework to the ARM Juno Development BoardProject ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Vertrauenswürdige Docker Anwendungen in OpenStackProject ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Automatic Application Partitioning for Trusted ExecutionTeam Project ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Private Websuche mit Intel SGXTeam Project ThesisStefan Brennerfinished

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