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PotatoNet - Outdoor Testbed to evaluate WSNs exposed to real environmental conditions


Season 2017 | Season 2016 | Season 2015


  • 19.07.2016: Cooperation with the SICS - Measurement of Channel Diversity in Outdoor Environments
  • 03.06.2016: The PotatoNet was extended by PotatoMesh, a solar based testbed
  • 26.05.2016: Presentation of the IdealVolting longterm evaluation at DCoSS 2016
  • 25.05.2016: The central box was extended by a webcam - Timelaps Video Season 2016
  • 13.05.2016: Season 2! The PotatoNet follows the potatoes and moves to another field


Live data from PotatoMesh

PotatoMesh: solar-based testbed
mesh00 - parts of the node

Open Source Downloads

We we will provide links to custom hard- and software we designed for PotatoNet here.


Project members at IBR

Dr. Ulf Kulaukulau[[at]]ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
Stephan Rottmannrottmann[[at]]ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
Björn Gernertgernert[[at]]ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
Robert Hartunghartung[[at]]ibr.cs.tu-bs.de+49-531-3913246131
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolfwolf[[at]]ibr.cs.tu-bs.de+49-531-3913288138


Risk-oriented Task Scheduling for Wireless Sensor NodesBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisDr. Ulf Kulauopen
Implementing and Evaluating AWuR on AmphisbaenaBachelor ThesisBjörn Gernert, Stephan Rottmannfinished
Development of a wireless humidity sensor for food storage facilitiesMaster Thesis, Project ThesisBjörn Gernertfinished
LoRa meets DTN - Development and evaluation of a delay tolerant LoRa based sensor network for food storehousesMaster ThesisBjörn Gernertfinished
Advance Precision Farming by delay tolerant gathering of sendor dataBachelor ThesisBjörn Gernertfinished
Online modeling on wireless sensor nodes under energy and memory considerationsMaster ThesisRobert Hartungfinished
Integration eines dynamischen Energiemodells zur Simulation der Energieaufnahme drahtloser Sensornetze unter realen UmgebungsbedingungenMaster ThesisDr. Ulf Kulaufinished
Verteilte Energiemessung in drahtlosen Sensornetzen im AußeneinsatzMaster ThesisDr. Ulf Kulaufinished
Entwicklung eines Micro-Source-Energy-Harvesters für SensorknotenMaster ThesisDr. Ulf Kulaufinished
Datenerhebung von IEEE 802.15.4 Radios unter verschiedenen TemperatureinflüssenBachelor ThesisDr. Ulf Kulau, Robert Hartungfinished
Energieeffiziente Messstation für verteilte Trockenstressmessungen an KartoffelpflanzenMaster ThesisDr. Ulf Kulaufinished
An adaptive prediction approach for low power WSNMaster ThesisDr. Ulf Kulaufinished
Abhärtung von Programmen in fehleranfälligen WSNsBachelor ThesisDr. Ulf Kulau, Arthur Martensfinished
Energieeffizienzanalyse des RPL-Protokolls im Falle transienter KnotenausfälleProject ThesisDr. Ulf Kulau, Arthur Martensfinished
Zielfunktion zur effizienten und robusten Wegewahl in WSNsBachelor ThesisDr. Ulf Kulaufinished
Energy Harvesting für Sensorknoten unter Nutzung der BodentemperaturBachelor ThesisDr. Ulf Kulaufinished

If you are interested in writing a thesis regarding this project, please feel free to contact Dr. Ulf Kulau.

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