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Praktikum: Computernetze Administration

Module #INF-KM-02, INF-KM-15, INF-KM-21, ET-STDI-22, ET-STDI-26, ET-STDI-28
Event #INF-KM-005
ProgrammesBachelor Informatik, Master Informatik, Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik, Master Wirtschaftsinformatik, Bachelor Informations-Systemtechnik, Master Informations-Systemtechnik, Master Elektrotechnik
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Time & Place

The dates provided below are preliminary and will be changed if needed!

Prerequisites It is recommended to have heard Computer Networks 1 and Computer Networks 2.
Additionally, general UNIX knowledge ir required, special Linux knowledge is helpful.
CertificatesNote: For the course of studies Information Systems Engineering (Informations-Systemtechnik) (Bachelor), this course can be contributed with only 3 CP! For other Bachelor's programmes it can be imported from the Master's, subject to the respective examination regulations (Pr├╝fungsordnung).

The application deadline expired on 11.04.2021.

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This course is offered parallel to the normal teaching activities. A registration (see above) is required for participation.

This year the supervision and processing of the tasks will take place completely without attendance events. For questions and assistance we are still available via e-mail and conference system. The introductory event and the inspections of the individual tasks will also take place via video conference. (Attendance is still mandatory on these dates.)

You will be informed in time by e-mail about the tool for video conferences used for the introductory event.

All students have the possibility to dial into the IBR network via VPN to work on their assignments.

Student router

The goal for this course if to put the theoretical knowledge from Computer Networks 1 and Computer Networks 2 into practice on the computer. The internship should give an insight into the world of ISPs and network administrators with their daily challenges and provide suitable solutions.

Tasks and goals of the internship are in detail:

  • IPv4/IPv6
  • Insights into the world of ISPs/network administrators
  • Network management
  • Design of networks/IP address assignment
  • Dealing with soft- and hardware routers
  • Configuration under IOS/JunOS/Linux
  • Get to know and debugging of Ethernet, IEEE 802.1q (VLAN) and WAN connections
  • Routing protocols (RIP, (OSPF), BGP)
The material is only available to registered attendees. In order to register, you need either an IBR POSIX account or a self-activated IBR-y-account. Afterwards you can login to this site.
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12.04.2021, 13:15PAC: Kick-off (IBR BBB (URL will be announced later))
23.04.2021, 23:59PAC: Submission of the first task by e-mail
14.05.2021, 23:59Deadline for submission of task 2 and 3
07.06.2021, 23:59Deadline for submission of task 4
28.06.2021, 23:59Deadline for submission of task 5
16.07.2021, 23:59Deadline for submission of task 6

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