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SPITFIRE - Semantic-Service Provisioning for the Internet of Things using Future Internet Research by Experimentation

SPITFIRE works towards the realization of a stronger connection between the natural and the digital worlds. It will investigate unified concepts, methods, and software infrastructures that allow the efficient development of robust applications that span and integrate the Internet and the embedded world. Essentially SPITFIRE will significantly reduce the effort required for development of robust and interoperable applications in the Internet of Things.


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See the SPITFIRE homepage for further information, or contact Prof. Dr. Sándor P. Fekete.

Project members

Prof. Dr. Sándor P. Feketes.fekete[[at]]tu-bs.de+49-531-3913111335
Dr. Alexander Kröller
Dr. Henning Hasemann+49-531-3913113

Further Information

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