| Carl Friedrich Gauß Faculty | Department of Computer Science

I am interested in the design, analysis and optimisation of (randomized) algorithms for applications in Pervasive and Ubiquitous computing and in the Internet of Things. Recently, my research focuses on exploiting physical layer properties of radio frequency channels or ambient audio.


RF sensing (DFAR)

RF-based device-free activity recognition

Recognition of activities from individuals in the proximity of an RF-receiver. We leverage amplitude-based features for the distinction of situations, activities and gestures.
Spontaneous secure device pairing

Spontaneous secure device interaction

Based on fingerprints from ambient audio of devices in proximty we generate secure cryptographic keys with the help of fuzzy cryptography
Function Calculation

Function-calculation on the RF-channel

We exploit the convolution of random distributions for the calculation of mathematical functions from superimpositions of simultaneously transmitted values.
Function Calculation

Distributed adaptive beamforming

We analyse a class of iterative feedback-based distributed beamforming approaches with low computational complexity. Sharp asymptotic bounds and an asymptotically optimal approach.

Context prediction

We proactively anticipate the evolution of context time series, investigate architectures for context prediction and consider novel prediction algorithms.

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