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Since April 1st, 2002 I've been working as a PhD in the Institute of Operating Systems and Computer Networks in the Communication and Multimedia Systems research group of . My research focus is the support of distributed multimedia applications in mobile and ad-hoc environments.


NameShort Description
costreamCollaborative Media Streaming
MMSimSimulation of Multimedia Protocols


Study Projects and Master's Theses

The descriptions are in German. Please mail or come in if you are interested to do a project or thesis!

Publications and other Documents

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  • Verena Kahmann, Lars Wolf, Heribert Baldus and Henning Maass: A UPnP Service Browser for Resource Discovery in Mobile Ad-hoc Environments, in Proceedings of the Workshop on Mobile Ad Hoc Collaboration at CHI 2002 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, April 2002 (KWBM02, BibTeX)
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  • GI AK IAMBUS Interaktive Anwendungen für mobile und ubiquitäre Systeme


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