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Adeel Ahmed Aasi

Ehemaliger Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

I am a research assistant and also a PhD student, working with research groupDistributed and Ubiquitous Systems(DUS)at IBR . Earlier in 2008, I did my M.S Electrical Engineering (Telecom) degree from Blekinge Institute of Technology(BTH). Sweden. In 2005 I obtained "Master of Information & Technology" (MIT) degree from Sarhad University of Information & Technology. In MIT I stood first and got Gold medal from Governor of NWFP.I also did an addition master in Political Science from Punjab University Lahore.

2005 –2006 I worked as a Center Manager of APTCH World wide for APTECH COMPUTER EDUCATION SIALKOT PAKISTAN.(APTECH is a multinational chain of computer training, American franchisers having almost 3200 branches in the World )

Currently, I am working on two major issues. One to find some techniques to improve the routing mechanism for sensor networks. And secondly to use this knowledge and understanding to find some concrete solution for the multi-hop connectivity problem in sensor networks. Moreover i am trying to develop an innovative WOR(wake-up on radio) MAC protocl for WSNs


Project Intelligenter Güterwagen (Deutsche Bahn Schenker ) Project Intelligent Cargo Rail Cars (German Rail Cargo)

The Projekt Intelligenter Güterwagon (PIG) was about evaluating the use of WSN technology in a freight train environment. Under this project the channel measurements have been taken using different real rail wagons to find the basic operation conditions of a wireless sensor networks, A special simulator has been developed under this project to check the fully functional WSN for different German freight wagon models.

Realization of Link-Metric/QoS Aware Routing in Mobile Ad hoc networks

Thesis work was to create and implement a routing concept that utilizes link-metric awareness during the route discovery/maintenance process. The concept was developed with the QoS classes.Evaluations of routes has done for both single path and multi-path. Performance evaluations had done using simulations (Qualnet); performance parameters defined as delay, data rate, SNR. The tools used during work are C/C++ , Qualnet, Mat lab

My Little Jinni (A Mobile Service for Students of BTH University Sweden)

In this thesis a mobile service named “Little Jinni” was researched and developed The Jinni is a mobile service that provides help to the student of BTH Sweden and works as a guide for new students. The mobile service covers areas related to student like path/map info about University, Accommodation, Health Service, Tax Office, Shopping, Transport, etc. The service runs on mobile sets .The tools used for development are XML, XHTML, J2ME and Mobilis

Network Throughput Measurement System (Telecom)

A network-management-software was developed to measures performance (throughput) in a network. A tool capturing data from different measurement points in the network and storing them in a database. Software collects the raw data form that database and performs calculation on those data to show different easy-to-understand statistical result, graph and some comparisons to help a network administrator to take any decisions necessary such as bandwidth control, load balancing etc. The tools used MySql, Perl and PHP

Supervised Theses

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WSNs: Seminar Course: Transport Control Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
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