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Running Theses

Development of ECG and GSR for INGABachelor ThesisDr. Ulf Kulau, Dr. Felix Büschingrunning
A continuous integration approach to enable the sustainable development of a Byzantine fault-tolerant frameworkBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisInes Messadirunning
Serverless Mobile Agents: Das Beste beider WeltenBachelor ThesisManuel Niekerunning
Developement of a comprehensive life-cycle approach of Research softwareBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisInes Messadirunning
Design and Implementation of a Ranking System with Gamification ElementsBachelor ThesisDavid Goltzsche, Signe Rüschrunning
Optimal circle packings on gridsBachelor ThesisProf. Dr. Sándor P. Feketerunning
Methods for dynamical balanced packing problemsBachelor ThesisProf. Dr. Sándor P. Feketerunning
Parallelisierte Messung von Phasengängen zur LokalisationMaster ThesisYannic Schröderrunning
Trusted Location Traces in BlockchainsMaster ThesisSigne Rüschrunning
Modularization and Generalization of the InPhase-System for Different PlatformsMaster ThesisYannic Schröderrunning
Multi-Enclave BFT ProtocolsMaster ThesisSigne Rüsch, Ines Messadirunning
Development of a fast distributed Key-Value Store with Integrity verificationMaster ThesisInes Messadirunning
Entwicklung eines kontextabhängigen Ratings für Sensorknoten in drahtlosen SensornetzwerkenMaster ThesisRobert Hartungrunning
A Web Framework for Partition Trusted Web ApplicationsMaster ThesisDavid Goltzscherunning
Hardware Security Key for the Matrix ProtocolMaster ThesisDr. Dominik Schürmannrunning
Implementierung einer FPGA basierenden DatenakquisitionBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisBjörn Cassensrunning
Realisation and Implementation of a TEG-HarvesterProject ThesisSven Pullwittrunning
Development of an SGX-aware Benchmarking SuiteProject ThesisNico Weichbrodtrunning
Wartung und Verbesserung der TUBS-LaTeX VorlagenHiWi JobRobert Hartungrunning

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