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Running Theses

Efficient Level of Detail Reduction of Highly Disconnected MeshesBachelor ThesisProf. Dr. Sándor P. Feketerunning
Design and Implementation of an Embedded Blockchain in Train SystemsBachelor ThesisSigne Rüschrunning
Security-Aware Application Partitioning in Rust Using Intel SGXBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisSigne Rüschrunning
Integrating a Blockchain Application into the Social Media Platform TwitterBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisSigne Rüschrunning
Data Accessibility Analysis for Rust ApplicationsBachelor ThesisManuel Niekerunning
Implementation of an IoT Application for Security AnalysisBachelor ThesisManuel Niekerunning
Entwicklung eines kontextabhängigen Ratings für Sensorknoten in drahtlosen SensornetzwerkenMaster ThesisRobert Hartungrunning
A Web Framework for Partition Trusted Web ApplicationsMaster ThesisDavid Goltzscherunning
Hardware Security Key for the Matrix ProtocolMaster ThesisDr. Dominik Schürmannrunning
Reinforcement learning for navigating particle swarms by global forceMaster ThesisProf. Dr. Sándor P. Feketerunning
New Variants of the Tilt Assembly ProblemMaster ThesisProf. Dr. Sándor P. Feketerunning
Hierarchical Decomposition and Construction Methods for Swarms of Simple RobotsMaster ThesisProf. Dr. Sándor P. Feketerunning
Continuous Code Re-Randomisation at Runtime for Intel SGX EnclavesMaster ThesisNico Weichbrodtrunning
Algorithmic Problems in Inter-Satellite CommunicationMaster ThesisProf. Dr. Sándor P. Feketerunning
Implementierung einer FPGA basierenden DatenakquisitionBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisBjörn Cassensrunning
Wartung und Verbesserung der TUBS-LaTeX VorlagenHiWi JobRobert Hartungrunning

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