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CHOSeN - Cooperative Hybrid Objects Sensor Networks

CHOSeN will develop appropriate technology, including advanced configurable RF and digital baseband transceiver hardware, networking protocols with scalable Quality of Service in respect of transmission speed, robustness, security, and low-power support, and a generic collaboration middleware that abstracts from the diversity and heterogeneity provided by the layers below, and it will thereby improve the state-of-the-art in system maintenance utilizing heterogeneous wireless sensor technologies. CHOSeN has strong focus on providing practical solutions for the automotive and the aerospace application domain, which promise better, more reliable and easier to maintain products in two of the most significant European industrial domains. The quality of the CHOSeN consortium is high thanks to a balanced mix of partners from academia, SMEs and industry, and a strong industrial presence which covers the entire vertical application domains considered.

Although research and development of wireless sensor networks has made substantial progress in the past years, and even standards have evolved in the communication technologies regime, there is still a performance gap between specific application requirements and the capabilities that off-the-shelf wireless sensor network platforms offer when targeting particular application fields like industrial control, environmental monitoring, or maintenance and diagnostics in automotive and aeronautic vehicle applications, just to name a few. Although the use of wireless sensor network technologies promise substantial economic, social and technological impact on a conceptual level, large-scale industrial-level exploitation is still missing proof of evidence.

Project members at IBR

Dawud Gordon
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Beiglmichael[[at]]teco.edu+49-721-608417-00


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Project partners

FP7 The EU FP7 research project CHOSeN consists of the following institutions:


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