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Running Projects

NameShort DescriptionTrac
INGAINGAInexpensive Node for Genreal ApplicationsProject Wiki and Trouble Ticket System
PotatoNetPotatoNetOutdoor Testbed to evaluate WSNs exposed to real environmental conditions
REAPPotatoNetRobust, Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks for Outdoor Scenarios by Adaption of Operation Parameters


Accelerometer Aided Cardiography

Supervised Theses

Open theses:

Development of ECG and GSR for INGABachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project Thesis, Studienarbeit, Diploma ThesisDr. Felix Büsching, Dr. Ulf Kulauopen
Risk-oriented Task Scheduling for Wireless Sensor NodesBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisDr. Ulf Kulauopen
Entwicklung eines raketenbasierten Systems zur Ausbringung eines drahtlosen SensornetzesBachelor Thesis, Master ThesisDr. Ulf Kulau, Georg von Zengen, Stephan Rottmannopen
Drift Compensated Time Synchornisation in Wireless Sensor NetworksBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisGeorg von Zengen, Dr. Ulf Kulau, Yannic Schröderopen

Running theses:

Evaluation von transienten Knotenausfällen im FIT/IoT-LabBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisDr. Ulf Kulaurunning

Completed Theses:

Look here: Completed theses


SS 2017:Wireless Networking Lab -- Praktikum Wireless Sensor Networks *Spezial*
WS 2016/17:Recent Topics in Computer Networking
Development of Distributed Embedded Systems
SS 2016:Wireless Networking Lab -- Praktikum Wireless Sensor Networks
WS 2015/16:Recent Topics in Computer Networking
SS 2015:Wireless Networking Lab -- Praktikum Wireless Sensor Networks
WS 2014/15:Computernetze 2
Klausur: Computernetze 1
Recent Topics in Computer Networking
Praktikum: Computernetze
SS 2014:Teamprojekt Programmierung verteilter eingebetteter Systeme
Klausur: Computernetze 2
Computernetze 1
WS 2013/14:Teamprojekt Programmierung verteilter eingebetteter Systeme
Computernetze 2
Wireless Networking Lab -- Praktikum Wireless Sensor Networks
Klausur: Computernetze 1
Recent Topics in Computer Networking
SS 2013:Praktikum: Wireless Sensor Networks
Computernetze 1
WS 2012/13:Praktikum: Wireless Sensor Networks
Recent Topics in Computer Networking


InBeb Technology

The INBED is a tiny wearable sensor node which was developed to support care attendants. The inexpensive system can help to detect events like movement, rising or falls. Certain events can be broadcasted immediately to prevent falls in advance. Further information can be found here.

Radio Report: 'Frühwarnsystem für Senioren - Pflaster warnt vor Sturzgefahr' .

Promotion Video.


Long-term temperature measurement of WSN housigs

PotatoNet Webcam

PotatoBox - Low-cost temperature chamber

Longterm study of Undervolting in real WSN

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