Libsmi started as the implementation part of a master thesis by in 1999. supervised this thesis. These two guys still do the major maintenance and bug squashing work since the early beginning.

Later on, several students at the Institute of Operating Systems and Computer Networks at the Technical University of Braunschweig added features to libsmi as parts of their student projects, namely Andreas Müller, Torsten Klie, Moritz Bunkus, Jens Müller, and Klaus Sperner.

Moreover, there are many many people out there, that contributed new features, bug fixes, comments, and bug reports to the project: Jochen Friedrich, Erik Schoenfelder, David Reeder, Ira Wolf, Bert Helthuis, Andrew Hood, Marcin Cieslak, Yigal Hochberg, Saurabh Jang, Keith Dart, Bill Fenner, Bill Rizzi, Ted Soo-Hoo, Niels Baggesen, Pat Knight, Martin Schulz, Joerg Mattes, Andreas Goll, LaMont Jones, Harrie Hazewinkel, Dave Shield, Teemu Koponen, Abhay Deshmukh, Jerry Ryan, Chris Avis, Andy Bierman, Vivekanandan V, Brian Remick, Joey Seek, Brecht Vermeulen, Pamela Heckmann, Steve Hills, Mark Kaplun, Caffaratti Fabrizio, Mark Kaplun, Nick Thomson, Mike Heard, Linda Lin, Claus Klein, Pete Flugstad, Fredrick Paul Eisele, Juergen Quittek, Harold L Hunt II, Bert Wijnen, Michael Hocke, Remco van de Meent, Mark D. Baushke, Daniel Chuang, Henrik Puls, Erik B. Nase, Allen McIntosh, David T. Perkins, Randy Presuhn, Corey Minyard, Li Xiaonong-CXL004, Jose Pedro Oliveira, Randy Couey, Arndt Jonasson, Sebastian Strollo, Luis EG Ontanon, Kaloyan Kanev, Anders Broman, and others. - Many thanks to all of you!