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AuthorDr. Georg von Zengen
KeywordsSlurm Simulations Simulationen Batch Jobs Compute


Slurm is a batching system that distributes jobs to several machines respecting given constraints. At the moment we use it to run simulations and stuff on our compute servers i1 - i5.


Even though Slurm is able to schedule jobs of different users, ask your colleagues whether it is ok to put more jobs to the machines The CECI has a good tutorial. Another good resource for job arrays can be found here.

Partitions and Features

Partitions and features are used to decide on which machines jobs are executed. We have the following partitions:

  • i: all machines (i1-5)
Yes, it is only one. We have some more features:
  • fastsingle: good single-core performance (i3)
  • fastmulti: good multi-core performance (i4, i5)
  • huge: lots of RAM (i4, i5)
Features can be selected with the --constraint option.

Important Commands

  • sinfo: shows which machines are free to use and other status things
  • squeue: shows all tasks in the queue and in execution

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