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IBR Playground

AuthorFrank Steinberg

The host playground.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de runs an Apache 2.x webserver, a MariaDB database, PHP 7.x and some other tools in a way that all users at IBR (including y-accounts) can run their own tiny and temporary web space. There are some notes which you MUST take into account, before using this service:

  • The playground service is meant to be used for your work as a student at IBR, e.g. bachelor and master theses, seminars, SEP projects, etc. It MUST NOT be used for any personal/private purpose of any kind.
  • Since many users may run arbitrary code on the site, the playground service should be regarded as a fragile and temporary service. Take regular backups of your playground data or deploy data to the playground from another "safe" place!
  • Be kind! Do not deploy any CPU or I/O intensive code.
  • Rules may change! If we observe too many problems, we may decide to lock out single users from this service, or we may consider to shut down the complete service.
  • Be aware! Your CGI and PHP code runs with your UID/GID. Code flaws may affect your data!

How it works

  • Your personal directory ~/.playground will be automatically exported as https://playground.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de/~username/. Just put your HTML (and other stuff) there and you're done with your first static web page.
  • Note that the webserver must be allowed to access that directory. In many cases you need to run chmod go+x $HOME (and you should consider the consequences).
  • You are allowed to run CGI scripts. All "documents" named *.cgi will be handled as CGI code and executed under your user account. Consider the security implications!
  • You are allowed to run PHP code. All "documents" named *.php will be handled as PHP code.
  • Apache logfiles will be written to ~/.playground.log. Consider your disk quota limits!
  • Remove or rename ~/.playground, once your site is no longer needed. It's not just to save our host resource, it's also for your own account security and disk quota limitations.
  • There is a MariaDB database server running on the same host (bound to You may authenticate with your usual user credentials (username/password) and then create and access databases named username_XYZ. Do not store huge volumes of data to your databases, without talking to your supervisor in advance.
    A "phpMyAdmin" is available at https://playground.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de/phpmyadmin.
  • With these components you may run your own WordPress site and many other things.


  • Access is limited to clients within the TU-BS network. If you want to work from home, you may consider using a VPN.
  • Most Important: Always consider security! When you put any code in your .playground directory, it is your responsibility!

In case of questions you may contact Frank Steinberg.

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