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IBR Host and Service Monitoring

AuthorFrank Steinberg

IBR hosts and services are monitored by Icinga2 which can be viewed and controlled through Icingaweb2. This software is running at https://nagios.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de. (Icinga2 is a successor of Icinga which is a successor of Nagios. Many concepts, especially many "check" implementations are still based on Nagios. That's why the name keeps being used.)

Icinga is aware of "hosts", "services" of hosts, "users" (or contacts), and other data structures. Major parts of the IBR Icinga configuration is derived automatically from the IBR LDAP, e.g. all hosts. Host supervisors are the responsible contacts within Icinga2. LDAP host records can contain a list of checks that will implement Icinga service checks.

Hosts which are not marked to generate notifications in LDAP, will be handled "lazy" within Icinga2, which implies a planned downtime, so that no notifications will be created. This is useful for laptops or other non-permanent hosts.

Hosts which are using "Powernap" (and are a member of the group "powernap") will interact with Icinga2 in a special way, so that they will not trigger notifications when they are powernapping.

Many things are not yet documented here. Please talk to Frank if you want to make use of our Icinga2 setup.

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