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Open Theses: Distributed Systems

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The following thesis topics are offered by members of the Distributed Systems group. If none of the topics suits you, just contact us. There are probably additional open topics available.

Open theses:

Porting a C Library to the Baidu Rust SGX SDKBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisNico Weichbrodtopen
Erweiterung der TrustJS WebExtensionBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisDavid Goltzscheopen
Complex IoT Use CaseBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisManuel Niekeopen
IoT-Aware Blockchain Consensus in RustBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisSigne Rüschopen
Intel Visual Compute Accelerator and Intel SGXMaster ThesisNico Weichbrodtopen
A Framework for Dynamic WebAssembly ApplicationsMaster ThesisManuel Niekeopen
Integrating a BFT Protocol in Rust into a Blockchain PlatformMaster Thesis, Project ThesisSigne Rüschopen

Running theses:

A continuous integration approach to enable the sustainable development of a Byzantine fault-tolerant frameworkBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisInes Messadirunning
Serverless Mobile Agents: Das Beste beider WeltenBachelor ThesisManuel Niekerunning
Developement of a comprehensive life-cycle approach of Research softwareBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisInes Messadirunning
Browser-basierte Web Application FirewallBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisDavid Goltzschetentative
Design and Implementation of a Ranking System with Gamification ElementsBachelor ThesisDavid Goltzsche, Signe Rüschrunning
Trusted Location Traces in BlockchainsMaster ThesisSigne Rüschrunning
Multi-Enclave BFT ProtocolsMaster ThesisSigne Rüsch, Ines Messadirunning
Development of a fast distributed Key-Value Store with Integrity verificationMaster ThesisInes Messadirunning
A Web Framework for Partition Trusted Web ApplicationsMaster ThesisDavid Goltzscherunning
Implementierung einer FPGA basierenden DatenakquisitionBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisBjörn Cassensrunning
Development of an SGX-aware Benchmarking SuiteProject ThesisNico Weichbrodtrunning

Completed theses:

Kernel as a Service - Custom tailored kernels for the cloudBachelor ThesisProf. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitzafinished
Integration und Abhärtung des Paxos Protokolls in Memcached++Bachelor ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Fehlertoleranz Analyse mittels Fehlerinjektion - Fallstudie und Vergleich von WerkzeugenBachelor ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Portierung mehrfädiger Anwendungen nach eCos RTOSBachelor ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Design und Implementierung eines ZooKeeper Privacy ProxysBachelor ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Aspektorientierte Implementierung einer Objektwiederherstellung für replizierte AnwendungenBachelor ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Storyboard v2.0: API-Design für ein Determinismus-FrameworkBachelor ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Visualization of Magnetic Tracer MeasurementsBachelor ThesisBjörn Cassensfinished
System Support for Instant On/Off Switching Utilizing NVRAMBachelor ThesisBjörn Cassensfinished
Erweiterung der Typunterstützung innerhalb des SEEP-Frameworks um DatenstrukturenBachelor ThesisBjörn Cassensfinished
Abhärtung von persistenten Heap-Speicher mit Hilfe von TransaktionenBachelor ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Smart service state partitioning in BFTBachelor ThesisBijun Li, Wenbo Xufinished
Visualization of Memory Access PatternsBachelor ThesisBjörn Cassensfinished
Implementation of Simulation Markers in Gem5Bachelor ThesisBjörn Cassensfinished
Anwendungspartitionierung und vertrauenswürdige Ausführung auf Intel SGXBachelor ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Sichere Ausführung von Vert.X Mikro-ServicesBachelor ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Enabling peer-to-peer communication between cooperative trusted web applicationsBachelor ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Aufbau zur Untersuchung der Einflüsse durch die Nutzung unterschiedlicher Speicher TechnologienBachelor ThesisBjörn Cassensfinished
Development of a SGX Enclave Performance Analysis ToolBachelor ThesisNico Weichbrodt, Arthur Martensfinished
Byzantine agreement service on distributed embedded systemsBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisWenbo Xufinished
Implementierung eines Linux Treibers für die Verwaltung von persistenten SpeicherBachelor ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Implementierung einer Speicherallokation für nichtflüchtigen RAMBachelor ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Implementierung von robusten, atomaren Datenstrukturen in einem Linux-Kernel-ModulBachelor ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Browser-Integration einer gehärteten JavaScript UmgebungBachelor ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Aspect!FI: AspectC++ Induced Fault InjectionBachelor ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Machine Learning inside SGX enclavesBachelor ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Pluggable Applications in Intel SGX EnclavesBachelor ThesisNico Weichbrodtfinished
Support for Intel SGX v2 in the SGX SDKBachelor ThesisNico Weichbrodtfinished
Improve Dynamic State Partitioning in Parallel BFT SystemsBachelor ThesisBijun Lifinished
Web-CMS MigrationBachelor ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Entwicklung bzw. Portierung einer vertrauenswürdigen WebanwendungBachelor ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Evaluation von WebAssembly InstruktionenBachelor ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Integration of a BFT consensus protocol in Hyperledger FabricBachelor ThesisSigne Rüschfinished
Collecting Time and Location Evidence on SmartphonesBachelor ThesisSigne Rüschfinished
Low Latency Byzantine Agreement using RDMABachelor ThesisSigne Rüsch, Ines Messadifinished
Erweiterung von Apache ZooKeeper um eine adaptive Migrationsmöglichkeit auf Basis zeitgebundener ReferenzenMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
High availability for Openstack based IaaS cloudsMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Sichere und effiziente Prozessreplikation auf einem System unter widrigen BedingungenMaster ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Standing on Own Feet: Systematic Analysis of Communication Approaches for a Next-Generation BFT SystemMaster ThesisJohannes Behlfinished
Looking for a MOM: Assessing Existing Message-Oriented Middlewares in the Context of a Next-Generation BFT SystemMaster ThesisJohannes Behlfinished
CheapBFT: Hardware TCP/IP Integration for High Performance ApplicationsMaster ThesisBjörn Cassensfinished
Providing system support for multi-threaded SGX-based servicesMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
A Lightweight System for Data Leakage Detection in Cloud ComputingMaster ThesisProf. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitzafinished
Integrated Tool Support for Energy-Aware ProgrammingMaster ThesisProf. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitzafinished
Linux Kernel Attack Surface Reduction MeasurementMaster ThesisProf. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitzafinished
Pervasive Profile-Based Energy Analysis of a Sensor Node Operating SystemMaster ThesisProf. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitzafinished
A Multi-leader Approach of Byzantine Fault ToleranceMaster ThesisBijun Lifinished
Remote Attestation in a multi-tenant and TrustZone-protected cloudMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Porting a minimal Java Runtime Environment to an Intel SGX PlatformMaster ThesisNico Weichbrodtfinished
Novel Network Traffic Analysis using Intel SGXMaster ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Design and implementation of trusted applications applying the ARM TrustZone hardware extensionsMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Ein Angriff auf TESLA-gesicherte ZeitsynchronisationsprotokolleMaster ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Absicherung eines JavaScript Interpreters mit Intel SGXMaster ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Development of a Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Replicated Database for Multi-Core EnvironmentsMaster ThesisJohannes Behlfinished
Realisation of a Consensus-Oriented Parallelisation for Multi-Core Environments using Apache ZooKeeperMaster ThesisJohannes Behlfinished
Development of a Memory Controller in Gem5Master ThesisBjörn Cassensfinished
Fast Inter-Enclave Communication with Intel SGXMaster ThesisNico Weichbrodtfinished
Automated Deployment and Evaluation of BFT Systems Using a Metal-as-a-Service CloudMaster ThesisBijun Lifinished
Characterization and Benchmarking of Current BlockchainsMaster ThesisSigne Rüschfinished
Secure Volunteer ComputingMaster ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Fault-Injection-Based Assessment of Fault Tolerance Measures with FAIL*Master ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Leistungs- und Skalierungsoptimierung von DeNoVo-Malloc durch Hardwarebeschleunigung und gezielte Codeanpassung an transaktionalen SpeicherMaster ThesisArthur Martensfinished
Development of a better paging algorithm for Intel SGX enclavesMaster ThesisNico Weichbrodtfinished
Automated Deployment and Evaluation of Fault Tolerant Systems Using a Metal-as-a-Service CloudMaster ThesisBijun Lifinished
Improving the Scalability of BFT ProtocolsMaster ThesisSigne Rüschfinished
Implementierung eines FPGA basierendes High-Speed Debugging InterfacesMaster Thesis, Project ThesisBjörn Cassensfinished
Cloud-scale Trusted Execution on the ARM Juno Development KitMaster ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
FaaS in TrustJSMaster ThesisDavid Goltzsche
Development of a Framework for the Evaluation of Distributed SystemsProject ThesisJohannes Behlfinished
Design and Implementation of a Framework for Command-line-Interface Applications in PythonProject ThesisJohannes Behlfinished
Vertrauenswürdige Ausführung von map und reduce in Hadoop MapReduceProject ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Verschlüsselte Datenspeicherung und Schlüsselwortsuche in Hadoop MapReduceProject ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Porting the TrApps Framework to the ARM Juno Development BoardProject ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Vertrauenswürdige Docker Anwendungen in OpenStackProject ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Protecting the Click Modular Router with Intel SGXProject ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Dynamic state partitioning in Byzantine Fault Tolerance systemProject ThesisBijun Li, Wenbo Xufinished
Sprachunterstützte Partitionierung von vertrauenswürdigen WebanwendungenProject ThesisDavid Goltzschefinished
Implementation of a Byzantine Agreement Scheme in RustProject ThesisSigne Rüschfinished
Trustworthy Recording of Media Files using BlockchainsProject ThesisSigne Rüschfinished
Implementierung und Evaluation eines generischen Proxies für vertrauenswürdige WebanwendungenProject ThesisDavid Goltzsche
Automatic Application Partitioning for Trusted ExecutionTeam Project ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Private Websuche mit Intel SGXTeam Project ThesisStefan Brennerfinished
Demonstrator for Consensus Protocols in Wireless Ad-Hoc NetworksTeam Project ThesisMartin Wegner, Wenbo Xufinished

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