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Praktikum: Network Simulator Programming

Winter 2006/2007
IBR GroupCM (Prof. Wolf)
PhotoProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
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Room 138
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Time & Place

CIP Pool, G40 in Informatikzentrum is reserved for students according to the following schedule:

Tuesday13:15 till 19:15
Thursday13:15 till 19:15

The CIP Pool has Apple iMACs with OS/X running on them. However, there are no specific requirements in this praktikum to work on MAC machines and you are allowed to work on Windows or Linux machines as well.

StartOpening Discussion: Friday, 03.11.2006, 16:30 in IBR Seminarraum, Informatikzentrum Room 105

Students of Informatik, Informations-Systemtechnik, Wirtschaftsinformatik and Elektrotechnik


Successful completion of courses Kommunikationssysteme and Klausur: Betriebssysteme und Netze.

Good knowledge of C++ prorgamming language. Interested students should first go through the documentation of the first task to verify their programming skills.

Also a general understanding of Unix/Linux and basic knowledge to understand RFC/Documents in English will be helpful.


Successful completion of all the tasks.

Die Anmeldefrist ist am 02.11.2006 abgelaufen.
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Network simulators are a very important tool to study the behaviour and characteristics of network protocols and mechanisms. They are of major importance for many types of work in the networking field. The objective of this praktikum is to give the students an experience of working with simulators. In this praktikum, students will implement components of a OSPF routing protocol in an existing simulator. The implementation should be in compliance with the restrictions of the simulator as well as OSPF RFC.


The tasks should be finished lately on the following dates. Students should submit the required code through emails.

Aufgabe 1OSPF Routing Protocol: Basic Routing Operations
Task Description [pdf]
Simulator Class Description [pdf]
Konzept17. November 2006
Programm1. Dezember 2006
Aufgabe 2OSPF Routing Protocol: Multiple Area AS
Konzept13. Dezember 2006
Programm26. Januar 2007
Aufgabe 3OSPF Routing Protocol: Hello Protocol
Konzept9. Februar 2007
Programm2. März 2007

Please do not underestimate the effort needed for implentin and testing of your code and do not take the deadlines lightly.

  • General Description of the Praktikum [pdf]
  • For discusing issues related to Praktikum Network Simulator Programming, a Mailinglist is created.
  • Ein überblick über Xcode (auf den iMacs installierte Entwicklungsumgebung) [pdf]
  • Apple Developer Connection [externer Link]
  • Links auf C/C++ Programmierung in der IBR-Knowledge-Base

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