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The Jasmin Project
Smurf - A Script-MIB User Interface

Smurf is a Java application built on top of the disman package. It gives the Script-MIB user and developer an easy to use Swing GUI to access and modify all information from Script-MIB agents.

Smurf can manage multiple agent contexts in a tree-like manner. A context consists of an agent host, the agent port, and a community string. For each context the user can access the language, extension, script, launch, and run tables. New scripts and launch buttons can be installed and scripts can be started and stopped. Furthermore, every writeable column entry can be intuitively edited and changes can be submited to the agent.

When new scripts shall be installed, this can be done by selecting the script through a manager local file browser, since Smurf implements a hidden HTTP server that offers the selected script for Script MIB download to the agent.

Smurf is freely available as part of the jasmin-manager distribution.

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