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The Jasmin Project
JAX - Java AgentX Client Toolkit

JAX is a Java package that provides classes to implement Java AgentX (RFC 2741) sub-agents. It is designed to allow easy integration with existent Java code without requiring much knowledge on SNMP.

Note that JAX is not concerned with the Script-MIB, although it has been initiated to give distributed scripts running in an Jasmin agent the capability to provide new managed objects. This is why JAX is distributed as a separate file.

Managed objects can be implemented by compiling an SMI module file to Java classes using the smidump tool which is part of the libsmi software distribution.

This figure shows a UML class diagram of the JAX architecture. It contains the classes of the JAX package as well as some classes of a PING-MIB example that are generated by the MIB compiler. This example is also contained in the JAX distribution.
(Click on the thumbnail to get a detailed PostScript image.)

A document that describes the architecture and usage of JAX in more details will be available from this page soon. Furthermore, there is a tutorial written by Sven Mertens <mertens@ibr.cs.tu-bs.de> that describes the JAX instrumentation of the W3C Web server Jigsaw to implement parts of the WWW-MIB.

For further information, please read a paper on the JAX toolkit, the README file and the JAVADOC package description.

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