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The Jasmin Project
Policy-based Configuration Mangement using the Script-MIB

The concept policy-based configuration management is to apply rules of the form ``if then '' to a sets of network elements, so that all elements matching specific `conditions' get configured appropriately by the `action'.

As part of the Jasmin project a set of three class packages has been developed to support policy based configuration management of Linux DiffServ nodes:

  • A general policy management language extension (class package policyMgmt) provides interfaces to derive and implement policies, rules, conditions, actions, network elements, event generators and events.
  • Domain specific language extensions provide abstract interfaces to network elements of a specific policy application domain. They allow policy scripts to retrieve element attributes and event notifications and to correlate them to make policy decisions, so that they can in turn be used to configure network elements. We have implemented a library for the configuration of DiffServ nodes (class package diffServ).
  • Drivers realize the mapping between the domain specific interfaces and the underlying device-level mechanism to actually configure the network elements. We have implemented a DiffServ driver for the Linux 2.4 traffic conditioning (class package jtc).

Please note that the implementation is a very limited and incomplete research prototype. It cannot be used for real purpose.

For further information, please read the reports available from the Documentations section and the JAVADOC descriptions of the policyMgmt, diffServ, and jtc class packages.

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