[tkined] -writecommunity is gone.

From: b.kroeger@crocodial.de
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 16:36:06 MET DST


i just tried to get an old (and once functional) skript of mine running with
scotty-00-02-19-win.zip, but my "snmp generator" statement fails to accept the
writecommunity option. Is SNMPv2v not supported anymore?

I am trying:

        set w [snmp generator -writecommunity cisco -address $cisco -version

but receive

unknown option "-writecommunity": should be -address, -port, -version,
-community, -user, -context, -engineID, -readAuthKey, -writeAuthKey,
-readPrivKey, -writePrivKey, -authPassWord, -privPassWord, -readSecurity,
-writeSecurity, -alias, -transport, -timeout, -retries, -window, -delay, or
    while executing"snmp generator -writecommunity cisco -address $cisco
-version SNMPv2c"

I can't find a fitting SNMPv2-option in the helpfile and the online-help seems
to be outdated.

Thanks, Ben.

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