[tkined] Re: scotty-mib load

From: Cameron Laird (claird@starbase.neosoft.com)
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 14:56:13 MET DST

In article <8qsq75$lmq$1@whale.gu.net>, Riiki <riiki@gu.net> wrote:
>in my script i do:
> mib load <filename.mib>
>the result is an error: something wrong with the file - bad mib file
>anybody knows how using Scotty to find out in what place in the file there
>is a mistake?

The only way I've ever known is by binary search:
  mib load basefile.mib
(perhaps choose the empty one as a starting point)
cleanly, then split the difference between the end-
points until the process converges.


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