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From: George Ross (gdmr@dcs.ed.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 17:34:45 MET DST


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Suppose I want to create a new row in a table using tnm::snmp. What I
should do is find a free slot in the table, then create a vbl with the
values I want filled in and createAndGo in the row status column? For
example, assuming the tcl variables are set up with the Right Things,

   set vbl [list \
            [list "HP-VLAN!hpVlanIdentName.$free" "$name"] \
            [list "HP-VLAN!hpVlanDot1QID.$free" "$tag"] \
            [list "HP-VLAN!hpVlanIdentStatus.$free" "createAndGo"]]
   if [catch {$snmpS set $vbl} why] {
      puts "snmpCreateVlan: $why"
      return 0
   puts "OK so far..."

It's intended to create a new VLAN on a ProCurve 4000, and indeed it does
appear to do so.

However, the next snmp# operation of any kind that I do appears to reuse the
same vbl instead of the one I give it, and then fails because of that

First time around:

vbl before: {HP-VLAN!hpVlanIdentName.5 Wire-B} {HP-VLAN!hpVlanDot1QID.5 64} {HP-VLAN!hpVlanIdentStatus.5 createAndGo}
vbl after: { {OCTET STRING} Wire-B} { Integer32 64} { Integer32 createAndGo}

Looks OK. Second time around:

vbl before: {HP-VLAN!hpVlanIdentName.6 Wire-AT0} {HP-VLAN!hpVlanDot1QID.6 74} {HP-VLAN!hpVlanIdentStatus.6 createAndGo}
snmpCreateVlan: badValue 2 { {OCTET STRING} Wire-B} { Integer32 64} { Integer32 createAndGo}

Seems OK before, but the after value is still what it was the first time

Any suggestions? Tnm snapshot 99-08-12 (because I can't easily upgrade
tcl on this machine).

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