Re: [tkined] Loading HP MIBs (was Re: 3Com SSII 1100/3300/3300XM utility

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 17:24:02 MET DST

>>>>> John Stumbles writes:

John> To make things even more complicated I now find that Scotty
John> complains of something else - a missing dependency - in a MIB
John> which earlier loaded fine. :-(

John> hpentmib.mib: no parent hpEntityMIBTrapsTraps for node
John> hpEntConfigChange ^^^^^

The parser obviously tries to generate a node name in order to make
trap definition reverse mappable and fails to do so correctly. I would
have to dive deeper into the HP MIBs to find out why this is going

John> And should I be using V1 or V2 MIBs anyway?

SMIv2 is in general the better choice.

John> What really worries me is that sometimes I do not get errors
John> loading MIBs, othertimes, loading the exact same set (with the
John> exact same commands, cut and pasted to the scotty % prompt) I
John> do.

Scotty writes cache files and these cache files are used as long as
the touch date is newer than the touch data of the original MIB file.
So if you edit a MIB file, scotty will invoke the parser to generate a
new cache file.

I guess it is time to finish the integration of libsmi into scotty
since this will solve all these problems, especially since libsmi
automatically resolves IMPORTs recursively loading MIBs.


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