Re: [tkined] createAndGo

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 18:03:21 MET DST

>>>>> George Ross writes:

George> It's intended to create a new VLAN on a ProCurve 4000, and
George> indeed it does appear to do so.

George> However, the next snmp# operation of any kind that I do
George> appears to reuse the same vbl instead of the one I give it,
George> and then fails because of that createAndGo.

George> First time around:


George> Looks OK. Second time around:


George> Seems OK before, but the after value is still what it was the
George> first time around.

George> Any suggestions? Tnm snapshot 99-08-12 (because I can't
George> easily upgrade tcl on this machine).

Try to figure out what actually goes into the SNMP messages. Either
turn 'snmp watch on' and look at the varbinds (just to make sure the
problem is really on scotty's part). An alternative is to run tcpdump
which produces more human readable output (the latest version on is able to load MIBs using libsmi).

Once you have proven that the problem lies within scotty, try to
figure out whether you can create simpler example (e.g. one which only
modifies sysLocation.0) since the problem should not depend on what
you are trying to set.


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