Re: [tkined] Monitoring a 3Com SuperStack II 3300 switch

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Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 12:21:44 MET


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> I'm new to SNMP MIB network monitoring. I know that, to monitor a
> particular hardware, I must download the specific mib-file. For example
> to monitor a "3Com SuperStack II 3300 switch" I must take its specific
> mib, but I don't know what's the specific mib-file (and what's the
> variables that can be monitored). I've gone to
> but there is a very large set of mibs
> and... the readme files don't explain very well.

Indeed! The only thing I've found on 3com's site that's been of any
use in monitoring 3300s is the vlan mib from the 9300 collection.
There's clearly a lot of other stuff accessible under "enterprises",
but so far I've not found how to decode it. If anyone has any pointers
I would be interested in hearing too.

What I do have is a fairly rudimentary 1100/3300/3300XM monitoring and
configuration tool, using expect to change things and Tnm 3.0 (99.08.12
snapshot) to query the devices' states. It needs tidied up a little,
and there's minimal documentation, but if you're interested I could
make it available.

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