[tkined] Monitoring a 3Com SuperStack II 3300 switch

From: rossetti2@libero.it
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 11:11:58 MET

I'm a student of "Statistics and Informatics for the Management of the
Firms" to the "Department of Statistical Science" of the "University of
Perugia" (Italy) and I'm writing my thesis titled "The Monitoring of the
Computers Networks based on the TCP/IP Model by the Extensions to the

I'm new to SNMP MIB network monitoring. I know that, to monitor a
particular hardware, I must download the specific mib-file. For example
to monitor a "3Com SuperStack II 3300 switch" I must take its specific
mib, but I don't know what's the specific mib-file (and what's the
variables that can be monitored). I've gone to
ftp://ftp.3com.com/PUB/mibs/ but there is a very large set of mibs
and... the readme files don't explain very well.

There is someone that can help me?

When I've got the exact mib, what must I do, to correctly insert it to
tkined mib browser?

THANKS and axcuse me for my bad english.

Andrea Rossetti
e-mail: rossetti2@libero.it

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