Contiki 2.5
uip-fw.c File Reference

uIP packet forwarding. More...

#include <string.h>
#include "contiki-conf.h"
#include "net/uip.h"
#include "net/uip_arch.h"
#include "net/uip-fw.h"

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void uip_fw_init (void)
 Initialize the uIP packet forwarding module.
u8_t uip_fw_output (void)
 Output an IP packet on the correct network interface. More...
u8_t uip_fw_forward (void)
 Forward an IP packet in the uip_buf buffer. More...
void uip_fw_register (struct uip_fw_netif *netif)
 Register a network interface with the forwarding module. More...
void uip_fw_default (struct uip_fw_netif *netif)
 Register a default network interface. More...
void uip_fw_periodic (void)
 Perform periodic processing.

Detailed Description

uIP packet forwarding.

Adam Dunkels

This file implements a number of simple functions which do packet forwarding over multiple network interfaces with uIP.

Definition in file uip-fw.c.