FW: [tkined] tkmib and SNMP.pm error

From: Uong, Hoa (hoa.uong@intel.com)
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 20:49:33 MET DST

        Hi all;

        I have ucd-snmp-4.1.2 RedHat 6.2 up and running with "tkined" /
"tkmib" and
"MRTG" at the same time. I did have my crontab running MRTG for every
Every thing is running OK.
I use 1 Linux machine to run monitoring tools:"tkined" / "tkmib" and "MRTG".
machine is OK. Here are the problem occuring:
        One of the "snmpd daemon" of other Linux client was dead without
info to trace
after more than 3 hours running,I have no glue WHY, which tool make it died
or because
this machine is exhauted resources /too busy.
I continously pinged IN/OUT big packets (i.e 2000-->6000 bytes)TO/FROM this
I did have my crontab running MRTG for every minute, it was dissapeared
But this machine is still running OK with others services(not snmpd.

        Any suggestions ?
Thanks in advance.

Joe Uong

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