[tkined] Re: illegal length of instance identifier

From: Tim Westbrook (iondiode@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 17:06:52 MET DST


More background :
This error occurs when I use the TnmSnmp::Table
command to create an array from the pnniMapAddrTable.

I have included relevent type defintitions and the mib
table definition as well as the oid that caused the

Relevent (hopefully) Mib Definitions

-- Index Types

PnniNodeId ::= OCTET STRING (SIZE(22))
PnniPortId ::= Unsigned32
AtmAddrPrefix ::= OCTET STRING (SIZE(19))
PnniPrefixLength ::= INTEGER (0..152)

-- address map table

pnniMapAddrTable OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX SEQUENCE OF PnniMapAddrEntry
        ACCESS not-accessible
        STATUS mandatory
            "The pnniMapAddr MIB Object contains a
list of all reachable
             addresses from each node visible to the
local node. The
             Local Node Index, Advertising Node ID,
Advertised Port ID,
             Reachable Address, and Address prefix
length are combined
             to form an instance ID for this object.
The entire object
             is read-only, reflecting the fact that
reachable addresses
             are discovered during dynamic operation
of the PNNI
             protocol rather than configured."
        ::= { pnniMIBObjects 16 }

pnniMapAddrEntry OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX PnniMapAddrEntry
        ACCESS not-accessible
        STATUS mandatory
            "An entry in the table, containing
information about an
             address prefix reachable from a node in
the PNNI routing
             domain, as seen from the perspective of a
PNNI logical node
             in this switching system."
        INDEX { pnniNodeIndex,
                        pnniMapAddrIndex }
        ::= { pnniMapAddrTable 1 }

PnniMapAddrEntry ::=
        SEQUENCE {

pnniMapAddrAdvertisingNodeId OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX PnniNodeId
        ACCESS read-only
        STATUS mandatory
            "The node ID of a node advertising
reachability to the
             address prefix."
        ::= { pnniMapAddrEntry 1 }

pnniMapAddrAdvertisedPortId OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX PnniPortId
        ACCESS read-only
        STATUS mandatory
            "The port identifier used from the
advertising node to reach
             the given address prefix."
        ::= { pnniMapAddrEntry 2 }

pnniMapAddrIndex OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX INTEGER (1..2147483647)
        ACCESS read-only
        STATUS mandatory
            "An arbitrary index that is used to
enumerate all of the
             addresses advertised by the specified
        ::= { pnniMapAddrEntry 3 }

pnniMapAddrAddress OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX AtmAddrPrefix
        ACCESS read-only
        STATUS mandatory
            "The value of the ATM End System Address
        ::= { pnniMapAddrEntry 4 }

pnniMapAddrPrefixLength OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX PnniPrefixLength
        ACCESS read-only
        STATUS mandatory
            "The Prefix length to be applied to the
ATM End System
             Address prefix."
        ::= { pnniMapAddrEntry 5 }

Command -
% Tnm::mib unpack
illegal length of the instance identifier

--- Juergen Schoenwaelder <schoenw@ibr.cs.tu-bs.de>
> >>>>> Tim Westbrook writes:
> Tim> I am using Tnm3.0.0 , and when I unpack some
> OIDs I get an
> Tim> 'illegal length of instance identifier'. These
> mib objects use an
> Tim> ATM address prefix (19 bytes) as one of its
> index values.
> Tim> Is there anything I can do to fix this easily.
> I can still get
> Tim> the values , I just won't be able to use all of
> the cool TnmSnmp
> Tim> tools.
> Please post the OIDs you are trying to unpack plus
> the relevant MIB
> definitions so that we can determine whether the bug
> is in scotty or
> whether the OIDs are indeed illegal.
> /js

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