Re: [tkined] Tcl8.3/Tk8.3 on FreeBSD

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 17:14:09 MET DST

>>>>> Jun Kuriyama writes:

Jun> Hmmm, I cannot execute tkined which built from CVS repository
Jun> without my ICMPv6 patch.

You can. ;-)

Jun> I can run tkined which built from 2000/02/21 snapshot, and above
Jun> problem can be reproduced when I apply patch to 2000/02/21
Jun> snapshot to use Tcl8.3/Tk8.3 instead of 8.2. So difference
Jun> betweem them is 8.3/8.2 issue.

Jun> Is there any hint about this? Of course, my has
Jun> Tcl_GetStdChannel name symbol.


What is causing you trouble is the start of the manager Tcl script
which runs in its own process (a tclsh process which loads tnm). And
this obviously fails. I have build Tcl8.3/Tk8.3 on our systems and it
just runs fine. I guess you have a version mismatch problem somehow
with the tclsh that gets started from tkined (see the first line in
/usr/local/lib/tkined1.5.0/apps/manager.tcl) and the tnm library it
tries to load.


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