[tkined] Working with Scotty under TCL version 8.0.5

From: Eyal Raab (Eyalr@orckit.com)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 10:47:06 MET DST

We are trying to build an automated testing framework at our company. For
this purpose we were working so far with the Scotty binary for windows.
Recently we encountered a very serious problem. Our testing equipment has a
TCL package that only works under TCL version 8.0.5. We tried to run it
under TCL version 8.2 (the one that comes with the Scotty package), and it
crashes the shell. Our only other option is to try to run Scotty under TCL
version 8.0.5.
Can anybody tell us whether this is possible or not? If it is, how do we
get Scotty to work?
We just started with TCL and Scotty, and we don't have any experience in
compiling the source code and getting the package to run.
Thanks in advance.
Eyal Raab.
eyalr@orckit.com <mailto:eyalr@orckit.com>

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