Re: [tkined] using DBMS instead of .tki ?

Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 08:17:18 MET DST

Is there somebody using a DBMS structure for tkined ? Is it a possible
development ?
We plan to use a DBMS for tkined for this reasons :

 * support for transaction.
     - for example you could have a productive network infrastructure and
test infrastructure is could be useful


Is there any development around this idea ? what do you think of that
(bad and good 8-))) ?

Hi Alexandre.

I have some experience in integrating tk, scotty and database together. As a
matter of fact, the company for which I work has a system for monitoring network

While developing the system, we did a survey to see how we could show the
network structure with the status of each network device to the end user. Tkined
was one of the candidates. The reasons we did not choose tkined were:

- Tkined is not under development any more (At least that is what I think. If I
am wrong, feel free to correct me.)

- The output of tkined is not very pleasing

- Tkined does not feel like a complete product. Too many things are just not
working the way we would have liked them to work.

We chose java for showing the network structure. Java seems to be working well
for that task. I do not know exactly what kind of system you are building but I
recommend you to think over your choice of tkined again.

I hope my opinions help you. Best regards,


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