[tkined] using DBMS instead of .tki ?

From: Alexandre Dulaunoy (alexandre.dulaunoy@ubizen.com)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 17:50:41 MET DST


Is there somebody using a DBMS structure for tkined ? Is it a possible
development ?
We plan to use a DBMS for tkined for this reasons :

 * support for transaction.
        - for example you could have a productive network infrastructure and
test infrastructure is could be useful
          to migrate routing process in the network
        - You use transaction to validate change or not from another site.
        - ...
 * Unified data structure & Unified data locking & Unified data logging
        - You could easy link tkined with other application (Network inventory
database, Network config database...)
 * Extending more easily tkined/scotty without using tcl/tk based
components. (yes it's possible to generate .tki files with Perl 8-))
 * ...

Is there any development around this idea ? what do you think of that
(bad and good 8-))) ?


Alexandre Dulaunoy.

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