[tkined] EngineID of nmtrapd

From: Sanapoori, Hari (Hari.Sanapoori@marconi.com)
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 22:49:36 MET DST


I am using scotty3.0.0 software under UNIX in which I saw that it is
creating an engineID for agent in tnmSnmpAgent.c. I searched the code and I
can't able to find one engineID creation for nmtrapd daemon.

If some other agent wants to send an inform notification to the scotty
listener, it send a query for engineID which is not returned by scotty. In
the file tnmSnmpRecv.c under TnmSnmpDecode funtion, we have a switch with
case ASN1_SNMP_GET where, it is finding that, msg block is having a user
name length as 0. Due to that, it is returning as non-authentic. For this
sitution we need to return the REPORT for SNMPv3. I am seeing the report is
generated for SNMPv2U version. But nothing is available for SNMPv3 there.

Is any body added the coded to return to peer the report message for this
situation. If yes, It would be helpful for me. Pls send it. If not atleast
let me know who is working on this matter so that I can work with them to
put a patch.

We are fully dependent on scotty at these level. So, I am blocked at this
location of work. So, I request some help to proceed from here. Expecting
the reply.....

Thanks in advance....


Hari Prasad Sanapoori
Marconi Communications
1000, Fore Drive,
Warrendale, PA 15086, USA.
Voice : 724-742-7434
Email : Hari.Sanapoori@marconi.com

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