Re: [tkined] EngineID of nmtrapd

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 14:50:54 MET DST

>>>>> Sanapoori, Hari writes:

Hari> First of all, Sorry to write to you straightaway. I posted the
Hari> similar kind of request to tkined mailing lists, but there is no
Hari> response. So, I am writing directly to you. I hope you will help
Hari> me to solve this issue/doubts. The problem is...

Hari> I created listener and notifier session on a host A. While I
Hari> create the notifier sessions, I specified the engineID and
Hari> username of the listener session. The same values which I
Hari> provided for -engineID option of listener session.

Hari> After binding the listener session, when I try to send a cold
Hari> start inform message to listener, I got the following dump and
Hari> eventually, my script failed saying noResponse. The dump is


Hari> I came to know that, the notifier is trying to send a request
Hari> for engineID to listener session. But the listerner side, it is
Hari> not responding for the report request. If I am correct, Why
Hari> nmtrapd program is not responding for engineID request by
Hari> agent/notifier side? Is nmtrapd is fully working including the
Hari> inform messages? If not, Let me know the place I can start
Hari> looking into so that I can develop a patch for it.

I do not really understand your question. Here is something I just
tried and which seems to work fine.

notification originator script:

    set no [Tnm::snmp notifier -version SNMPv3]
    $no inform coldStart {}

notification receiver script:

    Tnm::snmp generator

    set nr [Tnm::snmp listener -version SNMPv3]
    $nr bind inform { puts "got %V" }

The only strange thing here is that you need to have a generator
session on the receiving side. This is indeed a bug - but nothing
which has to do with reports.

In fact, the scotty snapshot right now only support noAuth/noPriv and
reports are pretty useless in a noAuth/noPriv exchange.


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