Re: [tkined] Loading HP MIBs (was Re: 3Com SSII 1100/3300/3300XM utility

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 12:27:17 MET DST

>>>>> John Stumbles writes:

John> unable to parse ENTERPRISE { hpchain.mib:236: bad format in
John> TRAP-TYPE couldn't parse MIB file "hpchain.mib"

John> at line 236 of the mib there is:

: hpicfChainAddition TRAP-TYPE^M
: ENTERPRISE { hpicfCommonTraps }^M
: VARIABLES { hpicfChainId }^M
: ^M
: An hpicfChainAddition trap indicates that a new node^M
: has been added to the Distributed Management Chain^M
: connected to this agent. The hpicfChainId returned^M
: is the identifier for the new node.^M
: ^M
: Replaced by Cold Start"^M
: ::= 1^M

The curly braces in the ENTERPRISE clause are illegal. Removing them
might help. If in doubt, check the MIBs with smilint from the libsmi
toolset for validity first (and file bug reports to whoever is

I am working on integrating the libsmi parser into the scotty package
so that MIBs have to pass smilint in order to be acceptable anyway.


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