[tkined] Event log filter at start-up

From: Jarrett Carver (solarboyz1@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 13:57:26 MET DST

Is there a way to have the event filter start automatically? I have added
all my filters to the tkined.defaults file, and have my network map saved as
an executable. How do I get things to start ( i.e event filter -> connect,
IP Monitoring -> reachability, etc.. ) to start when the map is executed?
Forgive me if this is a lame question, I am just getting into tk/tcl and

FYI - This is running on Solaris.


Jarrett Carver
Unix/NT Systems Administrator solarboyz1@hotmail.com

"UNIX...is not so much a product as it is a painstakingly compiled oral
history of the hacker subculture. It is our Gilamesh epic"
-- Neal Stephenson "In the Begining was the Command Line"

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