Re: TCL (was Re: [tkined] Monitoring a 3Com SuperStack II 3300 switch)

From: Mark Harrison (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 06:54:58 MET

Eddie Corns <>

>Much as I dislike TCL, I like the way Scotty itself works. The whole idea
>sound but I don't think TCL hacks it for writing largish scripts (and I
>want to go back to C - ugh!). But I don't see anything else which is on a
>with Scotty.

You might look at [incr Tcl], which is the object extension to tcl.
It was written by Michael McLennan at Bell Labs when he hit just the
"large project" wall you have run into yourself. It really is a lot
nicer than plain Tcl for "real" work. Even if you don't make extensive
use of OO design, being able to put related variable in a class and
getting rid of globals, etc, makes life a lot nicer.

It's at:


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