[tkined] Sending Tk command from Tkined interpreter

From: DENIS Henri (DENIS_Henri@stna.dgac.fr)
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 17:43:10 MET

     I am working on WIN NT with Tnm 3.0 and Tkined 1.5.0.
     I want to send Tk commands in scripts launched with the Tool script
     "Start Script" from "Manager.tcl" to the main windows tkined0. For
     instance, I want to access to the background color of the canvas.
     I know how to launch TK with the load command, how to catch the canvas
     name with the ined canvas command. But how can I send a Tk command to
     the canvas ? Each tries I've done was unsuccessful !
     I have the same kind of question with the TCL scripts present in the
     /tkined1.5.0/library. How can I call a command from Editor.tcl for
     example from a script launched via "Start Script" ?
     If it is not possible, is it a way to access to the ined commands
     without starting a script either via manager.tcl or via the setting of
     interpreters of the tkined class in the tkined.defaults file ?

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