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Frank's Software
libsmi A practical part of my diploma thesis ``SMIng - A new Language for the Definition of Management Information'' has been the developement of this software library to access MIB module information, along with some tools to check, dump and compile MIB modules.
snmpload In good old x-load tradition, I hacked this piece to monitor a pair of SNMP variables, e.g. inOctets and outOctets of a dialup interface. This time it's a more fashioned gnome panel applet and I tried to do it in a Debain convenient way.
xbrload I contributed some patches to Stefan Petri's xbrload, a tool to monitor system load of multiple machines via (broadcast) RPC. Furthermore, I applied some code to retrieve netload from ttt probes, but this is not (yet?) contributed to Stefan.
xisdnload At home, I use this small tool to monitor and control the state and troughput of my ISDN dialup connection. It displays throughput as a stripchart, uses colors to identify the line state (offline, dial-on-demand, calling, online) and executes external programs upon clicks on the chart to call or go offline. An older release of xisdnload is part of the i4l utils.
tunnel-mib I hacked an implementation of the TUNNEL-MIB (RFC 2667) for the UCD-SNMP agent. This is expected to get integrated into the UCD-SNMP distribution.
tclrrd I hacked a simple Tcl interface for Tobias Oetiker's Round Robin Database, after I have got to know this library at the GUUG FFG 1999. This piece of code has been contributed back and is now part of Tobias' RRDtool distribution.
procps During a course at the TU Braunschweig where we set up a cluster of linux workstations, I developed a patch for the procps tools to monitor a whole cluster of linux boxes with well known tools, like ps, top, uptime, ...
mdist During the same course, I developed a small tool to distribute a file (actually we used it for a whole harddisk partition) via multicast to an arbitrary number of clients really simultaneously. This enables a reasonably fast and scaling facility to install equally equiped linux boxes.
ftpnfs Based on library originally written by Erik Schönfelder which makes it easy to build an NFS server, I hacked a small server that gives a filesystem interface to a remote FTP server.
mail2news I applied some patches to a perl mail2news script I found on the web. The original author is unknown to me. Later, also other friends applied some more changes.
tcpdump-acct Based on tcpdump/libpcap I applied some changes to get a tool for accounting network traffic. We use this code at escape e.V., a non-commercial provider at Braunschweig/Wolfsburg for private people.
slurp I enhanced this old software to suck news from an NNTP server to behave more bravely like a newsreader (no NEWNEWS). Furthermore, it can now suck news from the server's junk group, if the server is badly maintained and does not have the groups we wish to receive.
ls2idx ls2idx is a small tool to generate more or less detailed plain or HTML INDEX files of FTP archives from a usual `ls -lR' output.
mensa This is a very simple shell script, that however enhances a TU-BS guy's quality of life significantly. :-)
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