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After my time as a student (1990-1999) and research staff member (1999-2004) at the institute, researching in network and systems management, I switched in October 2004 to a more practical profession as a technical staff member, responsible for network and systems administration.

Projects and Research Topics

Jasmin: In the joint Jasmin project between TU Braunschweig and the NEC Network Laboratories, Europe from 1998 to August 2001 a prototype implementation of the IETF Script MIB (RFC 3165) has been developed. Based on it, the concepts of the Script MIB and the Jasmin architecture have been evaluated, several enhancements have been added, and a concept for policy-based management based on the Script-MIB has been developed.

SMIng: Based on my diploma thesis, which has been finished in May 1999, a new language for modeling network management information - SMIng - has been enhanced as an NMRG project. It became a starting point for the SMING working group of the IETF. I've been actively involved in this working group.

LibSMI: As a practical part of my diploma thesis a software library for the management and access of MIB management information has been developed. libsmi was released in June 1999 under an open source license. Since then, it is still being maintained and enhanced. E.g., it contains a number of tools for MIB authors, reviewers and implementors.


WS 1999/2000: Seminar Verteilte Systeme und Netzwerkmanagement
SS 2000: Software-Entwicklungspraktikum (Verteilte Systeme)
WS 2000/2001: Seminar Verteilte Systeme und Netzwerkmanagement
SS 2001: -
WS 2001/2002: Seminar Verteilte Systeme und Netzwerkmanagement, Übungen zur Vorlesung Verteilte Systeme, Übungen zur Vorlesung Web-Anwendungen mit Java und XML
SS 2002: Praktikum Verteilte Systeme, Übungen zur Vorlesung Betriebssysteme und Netze
WS 2002/2003: Übungen zur Vorlesung Verteilte Systeme
SS 2003: Praktikum Verteilte Systeme
WS 2002/2003: Übungen zur Vorlesung Verteilte Systeme

Supervised Theses

Title Type Supervisor Status
Entwicklung einer Web-basierten Bibliotheksverwaltung Studienarbeit <> finished
Portierung von Jasmin auf den UCD-SNMP Agenten Studienarbeit <> finished
Eine Replizierende Middleware für Java Container-Klassen Studienarbeit <> finished
Ein Java-basiertes Peer-To-Peer System Studienarbeit <> finished
Linux Kernel AgentX Sub-Agents Diploma Thesis <> finished
Das `Management by Delegation' Modell in Middleware-Systemen am Beispiel von CORBA Diploma Thesis <> finished
Policy-basiertes Konfigurationsmanagement auf Basis der Jasmin Script-MIB Implementation Diploma Thesis <> finished
Entwurf und Implementierung eines SNMP/XML Gateways Studienarbeit <> finished
Entwicklung eines SPPI-Parsers für die LIBSMI Studienarbeit <> finished
Optimierung eines MIB-Compilers für den NET-SNMP Agenten Studienarbeit <> cancelled
Applikationsentwicklung für Wearable PCs Studienarbeit <> cancelled
IPsec Key Management Diploma Thesis <> finished
Web Services im Internet Management Diploma Thesis <> finished
Implementierung und Evaluierung eines SOAP/BEEP Mappings Studienarbeit <> finished
Entwicklung eines SVG-basierten MIB Navigators Diploma Thesis <> finished
Entwicklung eines Videoüberwachungssystems HiWi Job <> finished

Publications and other Documents


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