Action Videos

In the air: Aussois 2005
(Paragliding, 18.03.2005, 30sec, 5MB)

Under water: Barbados 2006
(Turtle tagging, 06.02.2006, 30sec, 35MB)

(Wreck diving, 09.02.2006, 1min, 98MB)

On the ground: Mallorca 2006
(Downhill cycling, Betlem Monastery, 23.03.2006, 4min, 444MB)

(Downhill cycling, Sa Calobra, 27.03.2006, 8min, 934MB)

(Downhill cycling, North Coast, 29.03.2006, 4min, 489MB)

In the air: Grand Canyon 2006
(Flying over Grand Canyon, 04.06.2006, 20sec, 39MB)

On the ground: Death Valley 2006
(Hiking in the desert, 114F=45C in the shade, 09.06.2006, 22sec, 32MB)

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