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Get the NS-Mapper

The NS-Mapper is an editor for ad-hoc networks, mainly for the usage of the ns-2 ( ns2 or network simulator 2). This is the download page for this editor. A little movie which shows the NS-Mapper at work is below.

Install the NS-Mapper:

At first you have to get the NS-Mapper tar file and unpack it into your favorite directory. Then download the xstream Jar package from the below link. Copy the xstream package to the NS-Mapper directory and execute:

jar i NSMapper[Version].jar xsream[Version].jar

This adds xstream to the dependencies of the NS-Mapper. Then start the NS-Mapper with:

java -jar NS-Mapper[Version].jar

The source code of the NS-Mapper is in the Jar file .

Mailinglist for the NS-Mapper:

Screenshots of the NS-Mapper:

Short movie of declaring wireless nodes:

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