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NS-Mapper: diploma thesis from Emanuel Eden

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SupervisorDr. Oliver Wellnitz
ProfessorProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
IBR GroupCM (Prof. Wolf)
TypeDiploma Thesis
StartSeptember 2006

In our days mobile communication is an essential part of our environment and there is a tendency of increasing wireless independence of this technology. In case that the environment once does not support the usual infrastructure for using these techniques, spontaneous unstructured ad-hoc networks become necessary, which supply us with the important services, that allow us to communicate with each other.

Ad-hoc networks often are neither planned nor tested in real environments, they are only simulated in tests to save time, manpower and money. While the simulation of wireless networks is already well developed, the random modelling of nodes is still based on very simple strategies, which have to be improved.

In this thesis an editor for scenarios of mobile ad-hoc networks, the NS-Mapper, is improved and extended by adding more realistic strategies, such as random based node placement, movement and traffic. Preexisting algorithms were collected and inspected for these tasks. For every task a more realistic random algorithm is chosen and integrated into the Software. Furthermore, a flexible plugin structure, within the NS-Mapper was developed for a smooth integration of the random part.

Finally the developed realistic random based algorithms are compared with the available simple strategies - for example the random mobility model - and it is described, what the differences between these strategies are, and if they are of higher quality and quantity compared to the simulated arrangement.

Information about the diploma and the NS-Mapper:

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