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Vergleich verschiedener Ansätze von Web-Service-basiertem Management

Student(anonymous, Login required)
SupervisorDr. Torsten Klie
ProfessorProf. Dr. Stefan Fischer
IBR GroupVS (Prof. Fischer)
TypeMaster Thesis

Within the IETF, a new configuration protocol is beeing developed: NETCONF [1]. Although not explicitly labeled "Web service based management", it is possible to communicate to NETCONF agents using SOAP and to use the NETCONF operations as Web services.

There are different approaches to Web service based management. A specification called "WS-Management" [2] has been published by Microsoft, Intel, Dell, and others. An OASIS TC (OASIS Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) TC [3]) has developed two sets of specifications: "Management Using Web Services (MUWS)" and "Web Services Distributed Management: Management Of Web Services (MOWS)".


The masters thesis shall give a detailed overview over the three mentioned approaches to Web services based management. Furthermore, a prototype of a (WSDM or WS-Management, not NETCONF) management agent should be implemented in Java. The prototype should show the advantage of the respective approach and its implementation must be documented properly.

[1] IETF NETCONF Working Group Homepage
[2] WS-Management
[3] OASIS Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) TC

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