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Design and Implementation of a Registry Database for
Network Management Web Services

In this work a Web service Registry was implemented based on jUDDI. UDDI4J API were used to develop a UDDI registry client. This client software was used to publish and discover network management Web services. The approaches of Implementing Web service Registries were discussed, along with security requirements that arise from the management scenario, use of WS-Security was discussed, and the existing registry solutions were analyzed with Semantic support.

Tasks taken up during the Master thesis:

- Analyzing different approaches to implement a Web service Registry .
- Analyzing Security requirements for the Network Management scenario.
- Analyzing use of Web Service Security WS-Security [1].
- Analyzing existing Web service Registries with Semantic Support [2].
- Implementing a Web Service Registry using jUDDI API [3].
- Developing a Registry Client [4] Application to publish and discover Web services from the jUDDI Web service Registry.
- Software/Technologies used: JAVA, JSP, Swing, Web Services, UDDI, JUDDI, UDDI4j, MySql 5.0, Tomcat 5.5, Axis 1.4.

[1] WS-Security
[2] W3C Semantic Web Activity
[3] jUDDI
[4] Simple UDDI Client Application (#2 ) --- Download --- User Guide

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